Recognition & Celebration

SUPERB SERVICE Acknowledgement

SUPERB SERVICE: Tyler took extra steps to help our territory manager get research on and make contact with a mine who was in need of assistance.

UNITY Acknowledgement

UNITY: Tim has consistently been training new CNC Operators using his knowledge to unify our shop. Tim Rocks!

UNITY Acknowledgement

UNITY: I really appreciate the help in finding a missing trade show graphic. This wasn't shipping's responsibility at all, and the help was great!

COURAGE Acknowledgement

COURAGE: Jesse took the courage to take on a job that he hasn't done before...and succeeded.


SUPERB SERVICE & CARING: Excellence in installing belt cleaner blades at plants across Tulsa & Oklahoma.


"An engaged employee is one that feels he/she is a valued member of a company and the company encourages the empolyee's ideas and input for the betterment of the company, as well as the employee. Engagement is a true give and take from both the employee and the company."
- Martin Employee


"SMILE and watch what the world returns to you!"

- Martin Employee


"To have courage in the workplace is to have the will and faith to know, no idea is a bad idea if initiated out of a true desire to do the job better."
- Martin Employee


"For me, UNITY represents consistency. When everyone is focused on the same goal, then we can say that we are one. The success of one is everyone's SUCCESS."
- Martin Employee


"It is easy to give SUPERB SERVICE when you have quality products and outstanding employees."
- Martin Employee


"Coming into work and feeling cared about. Feeling like you are more than a number but an actual person with needs, feelings, a family, etc., This in turn leads to true Caring about the company's best interest and a great relationship/partnership with coworkers."
- Martin Employee

Directors Award for Exemplifying Values

Leslea Carroll - Caring Award

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Steve Brody - Caring Award

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Alan Highton - Courage Award

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Don Papini - Courage Award