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Every second that your plant is down costs you money because throughput stops. Whether you’re transporting coal to a power plant, removing material from an underground mine, unloading freight from a cargo ship or manufacturing products on an assembly line, you’re productive only when the equipment is running smoothly. 

Because there are so many moving parts, it doesn’t take much to cause a shutdown. Material can spill from the belt and accumulate below or get carried back on the return strand. Carryback can cause the most critical component of the entire system, the conveyor belt, to fall out of alignment and suffer severe edge damage. Bulk solids can also build up inside chutes and hoppers, reducing flow, particularly in high-moisture environments. These bottlenecks can happen anywhere in the process

Another source of unscheduled downtime is when the potential risk of injury or illness exists. For example, when fugitive dust becomes airborne and causes a potentially explosive environment, the process must be shut down and the risk remediated.

If your operation is experiencing unscheduled downtime, talk to one of our experts. We’re standing ready to listen to you describe your operation and offer recommendations on how to reduce shutdowns at your plant. Our technicians and engineers are available to provide expert advice and assistance on all of your bulk material handling questions and problems.

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Sonic Horn Eliminates Downtime From Ash Accumulation
Ash accumulation issues had been forcing Alaskan Brewery Company to shut down its equipment to cool and manually clean the swirlers and collectors of its ash handler on a weekly basis. The process required an outage of 3-4 days, including as much as twelve hours of maintenance time with bottle brushes and bead blasting.
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Belt Cleaners Save Copper Mine $22,000 Per Week In Downtime
An Arizona copper mine was experiencing excessive spillage from their conveyor belts feeding materials to the crushing facility. The carryback was so excessive they had to clean the area once per shift. Martin recommended a new cleaning system. The customer is now saving $22,000 per week and the cleaning requirements have changed drastically.
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Cement Plants Puts An End To Unscheduled Downtime With Martin Products
A cement plant was experiencing wear damage to the underside of the bucket on its excavator. Scooping slag and clinker off of a cement floor covered with a layer of crystalline residue, the bucket would scrape against the coarse material, degrading the metal and reducing the structural integrity. As a result, the 24-hour operation experienced regular unscheduled downtime.
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Belt Cleaners Reduce Downtime And Improve Safety
A petroleum coke refinery was experiencing spillage from materials adhering to the belt in the return. The operating staff had to manually clean the area and return the material back into the belt, creating unnecessary risk to workers and slowing down production, which increased operating costs.
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Transfer Point Solutions Solve Fugitive Cargo Issues
A cement plant was experiencing increased costs due to fugitive cargo and dust piling around the plant’s petroleum coke conveyor transfer point. The material blocked access, degraded conveyor components and required expensive maintenance. Outsourced labor using rented equipment needed weekly downtime to clean the area, further raising the cost of operation and lowering production.
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Chute Structure Products Reduce Unscheduled Downtime
An iron ore mine was experiencing premature deterioration on the wear plate of a transfer chute, leading to perforation and spillage. Every 60 days, operations would be interrupted while workers performed a potentially dangerous chute entry to cut out the material and replace it. Labor for cleanup, unscheduled downtime and expensive replacement equipment made the situation unsustainable.
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CleanScrape® Cleaner Improves Operations At Rock Quarry
A rock quarry was experiencing carryback on one of its conveyors. Leading from the quarry to the interior of the facility, the outdoor portion of the belt was exposed to extreme weather, even though it is covered. Material adhered to the return side of the belt, collected around the mainframe and gummed up rollers, requiring downtime for maintenance and raising the cost of operation.
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Martin® Belt Cleaners Minimize Downtime For Cleanup
PT Antam Mining of Indonesia had inadequate belt cleaners causing belt damage, spillage and carryback on a reversing belt within the mine. The previous equipment did not keep a seal across the belt profile. Incomplete cleaning caused excessive carryback and spillage along the return belt path, increasing the need for cleanup.
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Chute Clogging And Spillage Corrected With CleanScrape® Cleaner
A coal-fired power plant was having chute clogging and spillage issues. The existing primary and secondary cleaners allowed uneven discharge of material, which clung to chute walls and caused clogging, requiring periodic downtime for adjustment. The blade edges wore quickly, causing enough carryback and spillage to encapsulate the cleaners.
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