Eliminate dust after it’s airborne with a fully automated dust suppression system.

Controlling dust and preventing it from becoming a problem can be accomplished using one or more of three strategies: suppression, filtration or containment. Martin Engineering’s fully automated dust suppression solutions are designed to mitigate dust at its source by spraying water mixed with dust control and prevention agents into the bulk material.

Because dust control and prevention agents reduce the surface tension of water, it absorbs more readily into the bulk material, making the particles more cohesive. These cohesive particles adhere more easily to each other creating larger and heavier particles. The heavier particles are not able to be entrained by the air movement that comes along with moving the material. Dust creation is reduced or eliminated. Binders and crusting agents in dust control prevention agents will act to prolong the effects of the dust control application through several transfer and onto stackout piles.

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Increased Productivity
  • Eliminate shutdowns and repairs resulting from airborne dust and spillage
  • Workers who feel safe are happier and more productive
  • Reduce man-hours lost due to dust-related illness
Safer Operation
  • Eliminate the risk of airborne dust igniting and causing an explosion
  • Prevent the health risks caused by dust inhalation
  • Eliminate the need for hazardous maintenance and housekeeping
More Profit
  • Keeping dust in the material stream means more throughput and more profit
  • Eliminate unnecessary downtime for maintenance and housekeeping
  • Better compliance results in a reduced risk of fines and lower insurance costs
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