Boost your productivity by thoroughly unloading each truckload and getting trucks back on the road fast.

There’s nothing more frustrating than tilting the truck bed and standing there because the material has compacted and your cargo won’t budge. Martin Engineering’s truck vibrators get bulk materials moving quickly and thoroughly by energizing the load and breaking the friction between particles. That means you can unload truck loads faster and get drivers back on the road more quickly.

In addition to our electric truck vibrators, we also offer hydraulic vibrators capable of delivering more power relative to the size of the unit, as well as low-noise options for use at indoor unloading facilities. For spreader trucks, these products will help you unload your cargo evenly.

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Increased Productivity
  • Loosen bulk materials adhered to interior surfaces due to compaction without wear and tear on truck
  • Get material flowing freely from the truck bed without banging tailgate
  • Unload cargo faster, keeping you on schedule
Safer Operation
  • Break up obstructions without having to send workers into the truck bed
  • Eliminate the need to loosen material by hammering on the side of the truck
  • Protect workers from falling material by keeping them out of harm’s way
More Profit
  • Generate higher throughput and boost profitability without damage and repairs on trucks
  • Unload trucks thoroughly, allowing more material in each load
  • Get trucks back on the road quickly
Cougar® DC Truck Vibrators
We have the original patent for the world's first 12V truck vibrator! Try one FREE! Order yours today and receive a free installation kit. Cougar® DC Truck Vibrators
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