Train your employees on conveyor operations, equipment, maintenance and safety with Foundations™.

In Foundations™, Martin Engineering has compiled decades of experience working with industrial conveyor systems and made their knowledge and insights available through a comprehensive multi-stage training program. Starting with the basics of belt conveyors, their components and safety practices, Foundations™ takes your employees through three levels of understanding, advancing to operations and maintenance training, followed by advanced training on improving performance, controlling dust and extending service life. Foundations™ is available in live seminar or online formats.

In 1991, Martin published the first edition of the Foundations™ Book, an invaluable reference for anyone working extensively with conveyor systems. The fourth edition, published in 2009, includes the most up-to-date content on material handling, including how to control fugitive material and airborne dust, belt performance evaluation, belt cleaning and more.

And in 2016, Martin unveiled its newest publication, Foundations™ For Conveyor Safety, a 500-page book that outlines clearly how to assess potential hazards and risks, as well as the practices and equipment you can use to mitigate them. Most important, Foundations™For Conveyor Safety connects the dots and helps you calculate the bottom-line financial benefits of instituting a robust, effective safety program.

The Martin Training & Education Options that we provide include:

  • Foundations™ Training - Get the best performance you can from your most important asset – your people – by providing impactful, on-point training programs.
  • Foundations™ Book - Since 1991, the Foundations™ Book has served as the industry's most trusted reference for conveyor system operators and managers.
  • Foundations™ for Conveyor Safety Book - Learn to Calculate your Return on Conveyor Safety™ with our compilation of worldwide best practices in this first-ever textbook dedicated to the safety of conveyor systems.

The benefits of utilizing Safety and Education programs and materials from Martin include:

  • Better trained staff - With these programs and materials, you can instill the knowledge Martin has gained over seven decades working with conveyor systems.
  • Economical training solutions - In addition to live seminars, we offer our training programs online and have published books on conveyor operations and conveyor safety.
  • Focus on safety - Our new book, Foundations™ For Conveyor Safety, thoroughly covers conveyor belt safety practices and equipment, as well as how to determine your Return On Conveyor Safety™.
Increased Productivity
  • Empower your employees with high-level knowledge about conveyors
  • Train employees on how to keep equipment running at max efficiency
  • Minimize missed work due to job-related injury or illness
Safer Operation
  • Provide critical understanding of best safety practices to all workers
  • Keep employees informed on equipment that mitigates risk
  • Learn methods for demonstrating the ROI of effective safety programs
More Profit
  • Improved productivity through training leads to more revenues
  • Minimize unexpected downtime due to maintenance or housekeeping
  • Save money by reducing costs associated with unsafe conditions

Our Center for innovation R&D Facility is one of the Largest and Most Complete in The Bulk Material Handling Industry.

With 22,600 square-feet and numerous employees dedicated every day to furthering improvements and new technologies in our client industries, our Center for Innovation is the place to test your bulk materials in a controlled environment and do full-scale testing of system and component performance.

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