Get the best performance you can from your most important asset – your people – by providing impactful, on-point training programs. 

Prepare your employees to take you to even greater success, with the Foundations™ training program.

At Martin Engineering, we pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest-quality material-handling products in the world. However, we realize that your employees are the ones actually operating the equipment once it’s installed. That means their skill and understanding of how the equipment works is an important part of the equation in determining performance. Fortunately, because we’ve been in business for over 70 years working with customers in many industries around the world, we have a wealth of knowledge and we’re happy to share it with them.

The Martin Foundations™ training program was conceived as a way to package our accumulated knowledge and deliver it in an impactful, engaging way to your employees. Based on our two highly regarded books, Foundations™ and Foundations™ for Conveyor Safety, the program addresses multiple key topics, including conveyor safety, belt alignment, belt cleaning, belt maintenance and splicing, transfer point engineering and dust management.

The Foundations training program is provided in FIVE levels to educate employees based on varying levels of responsibility and experience:

Basic Foundations™ Training »

This 2-hour course is a basic introduction to conveyor systems. Ideal for newer employees who may not be familiar with conveyor systems and their components, it is designed to provide an overview of conveyor systems with emphasis on safe operations and control of fugitive material. Includes course materials.

Operations & Maintenance Training »

This highly instructive full-day session (6 to 8 hours of training) provides an in-depth look at ways to control fugitive material and maximize efficiency, leading to improvements in the safety, performance and ROI of conveyors systems. It is designed for employees who operate and maintain these systems, along with their supervisors and managers. Optional second day customized to your specific business is available.

Operations & Maintenance PLUS Training »

Expanding upon our existing Operations and Maintenance course, this two-day class is developed for companies who not only want a highly skilled workforce but also want to experience the full benefits of improved conveyor performance. This hybrid course incorporates class room teachings, hands-on refreshers, and conveyor surveys with action plans.

Day 1: 6 - 8 hours in the classroom.

Day 2: On site, 3-4 conveyor walk down with instructor, attendees, and management. In-depth conveyor summary and action plan included.

I would highly recommend this class for anyone who works with conveyors in their workplace.

"Your Foundations Conveyor class, I can honestly say was the best training I have received during my tenure as a Production Supervisor at SGI. All the class material was covered thoroughly and all of our questions were answered by very qualified instructors. They were extremely knowledgeable and made the class very enjoyable. I would highly recommend this class for anyone who works with conveyors in their workplace. Thank you!!!"

-Wendell Bingaman, Production Supervisor, Specialty Granules Incorporated
 Charmian Plant, Blue Ridge Summit, PA

Operations & Maintenance Training Online »

The online version of Operations & Maintenance is a self-paced program intended for customers who may not be able to schedule training in a classroom setting. The course consists of nine modules, each of which takes one to two hours to complete, including a quiz at the end of each module. The online course covers the same topics as the classroom version and delivers the same educational outcomes. 

Advanced Engineering & Design Training »

One-day program (6-8 hours) focused on the improvement of belt-conveyor operations and the justification of the investment in systems to reduce fugitive material, control dust, extend component life and improve the performance of both conveyor systems and plant personnel.

Advanced  Conveyor Safety Training »

This one-day industry leading course will provide insight on how to design, build, maintain, and operate conveyors for reduced safety risks to plant personnel and equipment. It will focus on the financial techniques that can be used to unlock huge cost savings that can be invested in safety-related projects. 

Martin Engineering’s newest publication, FOUNDATIONS™ for Conveyor Safety – The Global Best Practices Resource for Safer Bulk Material Handling, in combination with this training course will show executives, engineers and upper management that significant improvements in safety, cleanliness, and productivity can be attained. 

In some cases, Foundations™ training courses may qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs), as well as toward the Parts 46/48 Annual Refresher Training.

For more information on our Foundations™ Training Programs or to schedule a workshop, call 866-327-2064 or click here.

Increased Productivity
  • Effective training improves employees’ skills, knowledge, speed and confidence
  • Employees will be better able to prevent shutdowns and eliminate safety hazards
Safer Operation
  • Training substantially improves safety awareness and ability to recognize hazards
  • Employees gain the skill and knowledge to avoid creating unsafe situations
More Profit
  • Higher productivity leads to improved throughput, more revenues, and higher profits
  • Costs are lower due to reduced shutdowns and better regulatory compliance