Tornado Exhaust Upgrade Kit

The Martin® Tornado Exhaust Upgrade increases performance of XHV Valves to positive-firing systems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple to Install, the eight-bolt retrofit kit converts XHV Valve to more responsive, more efficient and safer positive acting system
  • It cannot inadvertently fire if there is a drop in line pressure
  • Up to 20% increase over standard Martin® XHV Valve
  • By requiring a positive pressure to fire, the Martin® Tornado Exhaust Valve eliminates the need for the solenoid to be at a close range to the air cannon tank. This allows the solenoid valve to be mounted up to 200 ft away from air cannon.
  • The Martin® Tornado Exhaust Valve comes in three sizes making it easy to upgrade any existing Martin® XHV Valve
  • Kit includes new main piston and spring

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Brochure - Air Cannon Solutions Download
Tech Data Sheet - Tornado Exhaust Upgrade Kit Download
Operator Manual - Tornado Exhaust Upgrade Kit Download
Drawing - Tornado Exhaust Upgrade Kit with Air-Saving Canister Download

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