XHV Retrofit Valve

The Martin® XHV Retrofit Valve upgrades existing systems with improved output and reduced service with Extra High Velocity technology.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Martin® XHV Valve offers a removable piston seat to simplify service
  • Rugged piston with short 5/8-inch (16-mm) stroke and high-temperature polymer seal mean long life and low maintenance
  • Simple installation upgrades performance of air cannon system from any manufacturer
  • Retrofit kit includes valve, gasket and bolts

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Brochure - Air Cannon Solutions Download
Operator Manual - XHV Retrofit Valve Download

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Martin® Air Cannons Require Less Maintenance
To preserve the life of the air cannon’s piston and sealing o-rings, oil was added to the air supply. But as the air cannons would discharge the oil would collect on the filter, causing the filter to plug or bind. Filter efficiency would go down, which in turn reduced plant output and increased maintenance problems. The plant installed Martin® XHV Retrofit Valves on the air cannons.
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XHV Air Cannons Unplug Wet Bark At Paper Manufacturer
One of the largest specialty paper manufacturers in North America, handling 300 tons of wet bark per hour, began experiencing a plugged chute. This blockage not only decreased productivity, but also created safety concerns. Manually unplugging the chute took an estimated two hours per day, adding to maintenance expenses as well as putting workers in danger.
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Air Cannons Reduce Need For Manual Cleaning
A cement plant produces 1,100,000 metric tons per year of clinker from one line. However, air cannon systems supplied by competitors were not working properly, leaving material buildups in the preheater tower. The buildups required manual cleaning at least two hours every shift, and a monthly slowdown for a major cleaning.
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